Our suppliers

Canada’s extreme climate and harsh operating conditions require rugged equipment that consistently delivers. At Cubex, we work with suppliers who understand the unique needs of our geography and environment.


Ammann is a world-leading supplier of mixing plants, machines and services to the construction industry with core expertise in road building and transportation infrastructure.


Dulevo Fayat Group is one of the top five companies worldwide in the production of sweepers, scrubber dryers, and street washers for commercial, industrial, and urban cleaning. With a presence in over 80 countries, the group offers a wide range of street sweepers, industrial sweepers, ride-on, and walk-behind sweepers tailored to meet the specific needs of its customers.


Egholm A/S designs, manufactures, and markets utility machines for maintaining cleanliness and attractiveness of roads, parks, and outdoor spaces throughout the year. Designed by specialists in Denmark, Egholm machines are used in cities and parks worldwide.


For nearly 75 years, the Gradall name has been known world-wide for quality, innovation and versatility, producing exceptional machines for governments and private contractors as well as for mines, metal mills and even the firefighting industry.

Heat design equipment inc.

Established in 1976, HEAT DESIGN EQUIPMENT INC is a leading manufacturer of infrared asphalt heating equipment. Their innovative solutions include infrared heaters for asphalt patching, longitudinal joint heating, and pre-heating for cold weather paving. They are renowned for their patented design, ensuring seamless joints and durable asphalt repairs.

Husqvarna Light Compaction Equipment

Husqvarna builds a full line of quality light compaction equipment. Their products are built on three basic principles: high-performing and well-designed quality equipment, a clear focus on efficiency, and a service and support network to back you up in any event. Products include: Plate Tampers, Forward Plate Compactors, Forward and Reversible Plate Compactors, & Double Drum Rollers.  



Today, LeeBoy is the most successful manufacturer of commercial paving equipment in America. Pavers, patchers, brooms, loaders, graders, distributors, road wideners and more.


Maclean engineering is a heavy equipment innovation engine with roots in underground mining and a future above ground and beyond. Their design, manufacturing, and marketing activities are concentrated in the mining, municipal, environmental, and industrial goods sectors, through a global network of customer support locations in the Americas, South Africa, and Australia.


Marathon Equipment Inc has been a leading name in the manufacture of quality road maintenance equipment for over 100 years! Unlike other manufacturers we believe everyone’s business is unique, so their equipment should be as well. We offer both standard and custom options to tailor fit YOUR needs! Custom-built to order, Marathon Equipment Inc prides itself for having a solid reputation for providing long-lasting additions to municipal and commercial fleets nationwide! We manufacture units to help you with from crack filling, to pothole patching, waterproofing, tack coating, to driveway sealing & more! Proudly made in Canada, our entire line of products is designed and fabricated at our facility in Burlington, Ontario.


With more than 90 years of experience, MATHIEU is clearly a major player in the
sweeping and cleaning market. As the only French manufacturer of street sweepers, its excellence relies on a certified channel of international retailers. It ensures to municipal customers a high level of confidence and skills, especially proximity, professionalism and a deep expertise of the market.


RASCO is one of the leading manufacturers of professional road service and maintenance technology in Europe. As a proud family business, RASCO is committed to solving difficult challenges of road maintenance in constantly changing weather conditions.


RAVO is the largest developer and producer of compact mid-size sweepers in Europe. The organization was founded in 1964 in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, where our head office and modern production facility are still located. RAVO’s strength lies in extensive pioneering experience and the combination of solid, proven technology with intelligent innovation and strong cooperation with customers.

Road Widener

Road Widener LLC of Oconomowoc, Wis., has introduced a more flexible road widener that gives contractors and government agencies an advantage for work on shoulders, road widening, trench backfilling, side paving, and curb backfilling. The new Road Widener saves time, money and manpower based on its innovative design as a skid steer attachment.


Today, LeeBoy (Rosco) is the most successful manufacturer of commercial paving equipment in America. Pavers, patchers, brooms, loaders, graders, distributors, road wideners and more.


Schwarze Industries is dedicated to using a Total Performance Teamwork concept to produce, maintain and market the finest, most durable, quality power sweeping equipment in the world.

Trombia - Cubex Equipment


Established in 1979, SCARAB has positioned itself as a global leader in the design and manufacture of cleansing vehicles tailored for municipal, highway, and off-highway applications.

The range of single and twin-engine vehicles is crafted at their facility in the United Kingdom, where tradition and technology blend seamlessly. This synthesis preserves the unique DNA that has established their reputation for quality, refinement, and innovation, making SCARAB the first choice for customers around the world.

Trombia - Cubex Equipment


Trombia is a revolutionary high performance sweeper attachment. It comes with a ready-to-mount kit for your wheel loader and a fraction of lifetime costs compared to sweeper vehicles.

The global-wide patented solution combines a PM 2.5 certified airknife-cyclone sweeping technology, modern sweeping automation, and a touchscreen operation and data monitoring system.


TSM is a family business growing at a global level for 5 generations. TSM manufactures state-of-the-art 100% electric cleaning equipment sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. Their machines are eco-friendly and CO2-free, as well as the urban and industrial vacuum cleaner and the compact sidewalk sweepers.


They have been building the industry’s best sewer equipment for over 25 years: Turbo Chain Cutters, Sewer Nozzles and Specialty Tools For Municipal and Industrial Markets.

Trombia - Cubex Equipment


Known for their exceptional quality, Vohl Inc. specializes in snow blowers, short-wood transporters, and airport runway brooms. Continuing their tradition of innovation, the third generation now offers modern, high-quality snow removal products to meet the demands of today’s markets.


Westward Industries is a family-owned business based in Winnipeg, Manitoba that has been producing electric vehicles since 2012.  The MAX-EV is a robust, 100% electric utility truck that is in the category of low-speed vehicles limited to 40 km/h that can run on public roads of 50 km/h or less. 

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