Ammann ARX & ARP Series
(Manitoba only)

Soil and Asphalt Compaction Equipment

Compaction is about reaching your goals in the fewest passes possible. Ammann soil and asphalt compactors provide that needed efficiency through industry-leading technology and an ability to direct more force toward the target and away from the machine. The result: quality results in fewer passes and a more productive and profitable job-site.
51.5 ton operating weight – 10 ton operating weight
5900 mm – 1,700 mm drum widths
5Double drum & combination rollers


The Ammann asphalt compactor is reliable, economical, safe and fuel efficient.

Husqvarna Compaction
(British Columbia only)

Soil and Asphalt Compaction Equipment

Plate compactor – LG504

The LG 504 is a powerful, reliable reversible plate compactor, developed for efficient compaction of deep and medium-deep granular soil. It is an effective alternative or complement to rollers when compacting in confined areas. It features a Hatz 1D81Z diesel engine with electric start and an ergonomic, service-friendly design. A compaction indicator is optional.

Plate compactor – LG204

The LG 204 is a compact, lightweight yet powerful reversible plate compactor developed for smaller jobs, such as driveways and pathways, private house projects and narrow trenches. It is the ideal machine to use when macadam beds are thin and you need nimble, responsive handling. The Honda GX200 petrol engine reduces fuel consumption and emissions, while quality components reduce vibrations. It is equipped with a durable Hardox 400-steel bottom plate.

Plate compactor – LF 75 LAT

The LF 75 LAT is a fast-operating forward plate compactor, designed for efficient compaction of asphalt and soil. Ideal for repair jobs and maintenance work, such as driveways and parking lots. The large water tank features an oversized cap to enable less frequent and fast refills. It is easy to clean, leaves no marks on the pavement and uses whatever water is available on-site.

Road Widener Offset Vibratory Roller

Offset Vibratory Roller

This skid steer attachment is the safest roller on the market. The offset feature allows the operator to safely stay on the road while rolling and compacting shoulders and ditches. There is no more safe and efficient method on the market!

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