The RAVO 5 iSeries, which is completely designed and built in the Netherlands, is the absolute best compact mid-size street sweeping machine in the world. Its robust and recognizable appearance has been a common sight in cities all around the world for many years. Every detail of the 5 iSeries was developed with one thing in mind: a clean street in one pass, no matter the season or conditions, urban or rural, sand or leaves, desert heat or artic cold, highways or bicycle lanes.

The 5 iSeries is available with two container variations, Standard Tipping (ST) and Container Dump (CD) as well various transport speeds. For those who need specific requirements, RAVO offers a range of options to customize the machine and improve its performance, for example a third brush to increase the sweeping range or a silent package to reduce the noise level of the machine. To see the whole range of RAVO options or find more information about the 5 iSeries, please take a look at the online brochure below.

Mathieu 210

Our compact AZURA MC 210 platform is the culmination of over 90 years’ experience in the field of cleaning, comprising four different solutions: pure sweeping, versatile sweeping, scrubbing and washing. In a world where comfort, reliability, performance and respect for the environment are the minimum requirement today, our AZURA MC 210 sets new standards in urban cleanliness and is available with the latest clean engines in Diesel or Petrol.

With its extra-compact dimensions, small rear overhang, 2- or 4-wheel steering in sweeping mode and an optimised turning radius, the AZURA MC 210 can easily negotiate obstacles and can be manoeuvred with great agility through narrow streets. The urban environment is its favourite playground. In travel mode, the Auto-Steer function, which automatically realigns the rear axle, allows the operator to stay focused on his task and to quickly and safely get from one working zone to another.

Mathieu 110

Our new modern and agile sub compact MC 110 sweeper has been designed to offer you an ultra-compact architecture combined with great manoeuvrability and visibility for collecting waste in the narrowest parts of your public areas: pavements, pedestrian areas, car parks, retail parks, etc. Our sub compact MC 110 is available with the latest clean engines in Diesel or Petrol.

Sit down at the wheel and take in the highly ergonomic and spacious driving position, designed for all body shapes thanks to the generously proportioned cab and a wide range of seat and steering column settings together with the right-hand site armrest containing all vehicle functions. At the wheel of the MC 110 you are always in complete control of your environment.

TSM Aria 240

TSM ARIA 240 is the electric waste vacuum cleaner silent and with zero emissions, suitable for cleaning private and public areas, allowing cleaning operations at any time of day, even in crowded areas.

The electric street vacuum cleaner TSM ARIA 240 sucks any type of waste through the carbon fiber hose supported by the operator, which then flows into the 240 LT urban wheelie bin. It’s also equipped with a powerful PM10 fine particle filtering system positioned vertically, which retains the finest dust and injects only clean air into the environment.

TSM Ariamatic 240

TSM ARIAMATIC 240 is totally a new concept from the regular self propelled urban vacuum cleaners, able to change the way of cleaning urban areas and historic centers. In fact TSM ARIAMATIC 240 is the very first electric litter vacuum cleaner with the autonomous driving system, equipped with the cutting-edge innovative Follow Me system able to recognize and to automatically follow the operator along the day during the cleaning tasks in the city center.

This revolutionary electric urban litter vacuum cleaner allows the operator to work independently, and free him from the management of the traction of the vehicle, being able to move so in complete agility between the city’s obstacles.

The TSM ARIAMATIC 240 not only respects the environment because is with zero emission, but it’s the only urban and industrial waste vacuum cleaner developped taking care of the needs of the operator and to make the cleaning tasks more ergonomic and less heavy.

The safety devices with which TSM ARIAMATIC 240 is equipped detect obstacles and people, ensuring total safety not only for the operator but also for the urban areas in which it is used.

TSM Itala 135

The « mechanical-suction » street sweeper TSM ITALA 135, is maneuverable and much quieter than the traditional urban machines, and represents a new concept of road cleaning machine particularly suitable for cleaning private and public spaces, including sidewalks, areas pedestrian and historical centers.

TSM ITALA 135 is defined as a « mechanical » sweeper because it collects waste by the central brush in a 135 LT bin and at the same time is a « suction » sweeper also thanks to its powerful filtering system able to guarantee total filtration PM10 fine dust, even in the absence of water, freeing clean air in the environment during all the time of use.
The municipal sweeper TSM ITALA 135 is also incredibly versatile because it can be used both as a walk behind model, as with the operator on board, with the addition of the charriot, offering the possibility to drive for long distances. It is also equipped with a wander suction hose for vacuuming bulky waste, reaching narrow spaces, such as flower beds, side benches, etc.

Its compactness, effectiveness and ease of use, thanks to the possibility of driving by inexperienced people without a driving license, make the TSM ITALA 135 Zero Emissions street sweeper unbeatable in cleaning city centers, pedestrian areas, parking lots, cycle paths, parks and public gardens.

Schwarze M6 Avalanche

The Schwarze M6 Avalanche has earned its reputation as the premier Heavy-Duty mechanical broom sweeper in the North American market. The versatile Schwarze M6 Avalanche sweepers offer many of the design innovations that have become the Schwarze® hallmark. The Schwarze® Easy Change Conveyor System makes it a breeze to repair or replace a conveyor. Or go from a squeegee type to a belt type conveyor on the same machine. The free float, impact resistant, drag shoes take lateral impact from milling cuts, manhole covers and curbs and flexes back into place. Say goodbye to those pesky “snail trails” when you switch to an M6 Avalanche. 

Schwarze A7 Tornado

The Schwarze® A7 Tornado™ is a heavy-duty, chassis mounted, regenerative air street sweeper with an 8.4 cubic yard hopper. The A7 Tornado™ has over 20 years of successful operation throughout the United States and around the world. The A7 Tornado is the most popular street sweeper in the Schwarze lineup. With it’s standard high flow saw tooth screens, high efficiency whisper wheel blower and proven blast orifice pickup head, the Schwarze A7 tornado is the standard of the sweeping industry. The Schwarze A7 Tornado can perform most typical sweeping at a quiet and fuel efficient engine speed of 1,400 RPM, allowing for low operation costs, low noise, and low emissions. The Schwarze exclusive selectable “sweeps in reverse” feature allows unparalleled ability to clean all surfaces. Come to the people you know, for the products you trust.

Schwarze A4 Storm

The enhanced A4 Storm is a full-sized regenerative air street sweeper in a compact, super-maneuverable package. When it comes to features and performance, the A4 Storm meets or exceeds competitive models in the major performance categories including Dump Height, Water Capacity, Broom Size, Sweeping Width, Ergonomics and above all, Sweeping Capability.

With its short wheelbase and high maneuverability, the A4 Storm is uniquely positioned to effectively sweep heavy material in parking lots or construction sites where space is limited. The chassis with hydraulic braking system requires a class 5 drivers licence only! A full-size, high-performance sweeping head and fan system are the key to the units high performance. Corrosion resistant polymer tool boxes allow for the storage of all the tools required on the job, and up to 196 gallon (740L) water capacity means that an operator can sweep for hours between fill-ups.

Leeboy Brooms
(Manitoba & British Columbia Only)


The RB50 provides best-in-class, aggressive sweeping in a rugged design. This self-propelled broom features well-thought-out control placement and heightened visibility that makes this machine extremely easy to operate for drivers of all experience levels. Perfect for general application sweeping to highway use, the RB50 incorporates the notable quick-change brush system which allows one person the ability to switch the brush core within minutes.

Leeboy Brooms
(Manitoba & British Columbia Only)

Challenger 7

The Challenger 7 front-mounted broom exhibits all of the high-end features you could expect from a self propelled broom. The quick-change core system allows the brush to be changed swiftly with no tools required. Ergonomic joystick controls provide simple-to-use travel and broom functions while also granting a 3 foot turning radius for the ultimate maneuverability. In addition to an extra-heavy duty frame, the Challenger 7 features a high-raise lift to ensure easy trailer loading and unloading.

Challenger 7

The Challenger 7 front-mounted broom exhibits all of the high-end features you could expect from a self propelled broom. Serving as a pleasurable amenity, the quick-change core system allows the brush to be changed swiftly with no tools required. Ergonomic joystick controls provide simple-to-use travel and broom functions while also granting a 3 foot turning radius for the ultimate maneuverability. In addition to an extra-heavy duty frame, the Challenger 7 features a high-raise lift to ensure easy trailer loading and unloading.

Leeboy Brooms
(Manitoba & British Columbia Only)

Sweep Pro II

The broom for professionals, the SweepPro II offers many advantages linked to simple operation and superior sweeping action. The multifunctional joystick control lever combined with fingertip controls provide precision movement during operation. The standard configuration features wrap around windows that give the operator remarkable visibility while residing in the comfortable fully-enclosed cab. Requiring only one person, the quick-change core system permits the replacement of a bush in minutes limiting downtime.

Tropos ABLE Sweep

The ABLE™ Sweep is equipped with the Schwarze® SuperVac Aero™ and utilizes both the performance and the substantial payload capacity of the ABLE platform to do the work of a full-size sweeper truck.

The ultra-compact ABLE Sweep is ideal for tight spaces. It is remarkably maneuverable with a 12.5 foot turning radius. This low-cost, ultra low-maintenance truck has an estimated 144 MPGe, up to 4.3 M/KwH. It has a variable range of 40–120 miles, and top speed of 40+ mph on campuses and private facilities. Easy to charge, the ABLE plugs into any 110v outlet.

The Schwarze SuperVac Aero is a light-duty parking lot sweeper with a 2.0 cubic yard hopper. The blower fan system utilizes a backwards inclined closed-face radial type blower with 10 curved blades. Through testing, this blower fan system has been proven to be 70% quieter and use 20% less fuel than the fan systems on competitive models. With less sound pollution, this sweeper package can be utilized in busy commercial areas without disturbing the public.

From the durable polyurethane hopper, soldered connections, electric motor, and EV engineered chassis, the ABLE Sweep is designed to be an all-around, low-maintenance workhorse. The electric head raising and lowering system makes it possible to back-up while sweeping, and it greatly reduces the amount of physical labor involved in moving between locations. The attached clean air blower conveniently allows the operator to remove debris from the cub without additional equipment. Using the included jack stands, the sweeping unit can be removed and a compatable bed package can be installed with Easy-Swap™: The ABLE modular system that utilizes the flexibility of the design, payload & towing capacities, to change the bed package as needed.*

Rasco PL

The Rasco PL system allows for extremely precise cleaning of municipal public surfaces and general roadways. 26 Front mounted nozzles each spray in an overlapping fan pattern that can be angled up to 30 degrees to ensure the surface is cleaned evenly, and that the debris is pushed in the proper direction. One of the major benefits to the system is how simple the controls are, allowing the operator to focus on safely driving and controlling the unit. The Rasco PL is designed to be front mounted to Trucks and Heavier Multi-Function Vehicles.

Vertically placed nozzles allow for efficient cleaning of fences and roadside barriers, while the “Frog Nozzles” allow for higher water volume to flush the heaviest of material off the roadway. A manual hose is available to clean hard to reach areas.

  • Cleaning Width: 2,775mm
  • Water Pressure: 40 bar (580 psi)

Rasco MKN

The MKN is a flexible broom designed to be mounted to the front of a wide range of vehicles – tractors, multi-purpose units, backhoe loaders. A built in water tank and spray system allow for dust suppression, while the waste container enables swept material to be taken from the sweeping site. This broom works well on open roads as well as narrow city streets. The axial tilt function allows the brush to adjust to varying road conditions, and auxiliary wheels ensure a uniform and proper broom pressure.


  • The MKN can be powered using vehicle hydraulics or mechanically through a PTO.
  • Total Unit Width: 2,380mm
  • Sweeping Width: 2,100mm

Rasco MKH

The MKH is a flexible broom designed to be mounted to the front of small multi-function vehicles. Compared to the MKM, this unit is designed specifically to work in narrow spaces. The broom drive motors are enclosed inside the axle, which allows the broom to sweep the full width of the unit without having any drive motors or gear boxes hanging off the outside. An operator can sweep much more closely to obstacles such as park benches or walls than with a more conventional broom. Due to its central pivoting point, the brush can be rotated to the left and right without exceeding the width of the carrying vehicle.

Sizes are available from 1,200mm – 1,600mm

Rasco MKM

The MKM is a flexible broom designed to be mounted to the front of small multi-function vehicles. It excels when used to clean streets, roadways, pathways and large asphalt or concrete surfaces, in both the winter or summer. The broom is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder for swivelling the broom either left or right. Broom power is achieved through vehicle hydraulics or mechanically using a PTO. Auxiliary wheels ensure an even and proper amount of broom pressure. The MKM can be equipped with a water pump and nozzle system for dust suppression.

Sizes are available from 1,600mm – 2,000mm wide sweeping widths



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