Leeboy Pavers
(Manitoba and British Columbia only)

8515e Pathway Paver

Sleek, modern and low-profile are three words that immediately come to mind when evaluating the LeeBoy 8515E Asphalt Paver. Featuring an engine hood height of 69 inches (1.75 m) and a sliding control station, the 8515E gives the operator an extremely clear and comfortable view of their surroundings. With a class-leading tunnel size and self-cleaning conveyor bars, this machine is built to perform at the highest level. Easy-to-access, convenient maintenance areas are also a highlight of machine ownership.

Leeboy Pavers
(Manitoba and British Columbia only)

5300 Pathway Paver

One of the industry’s most versatile and quietest compact pavers, the LeeBoy 5300 asphalt paver handles the material load of a standard paver while allowing for the ability to fit into tight spaces. By maintaining a large capacity material hopper and ultra-efficient material management system, the paver provides the operator with precise control of the head of material at the main screed and hydraulic extensions. This unique design is ideal for the smallest of paving jobs to include cart paths, sidewalks, trenches, mill, patch and repair work.

Leeboy Pavers
(Manitoba and British Columbia only)

8520 Pathway Paver

You talked, we listened! The LeeBoy 8520 is the perfect unit for the heavy-commercial paving market. This machine features a higher horsepower engine along with a larger hopper capacity guaranteed to deliver outstanding results. Featuring LeeBoy’s ultra-efficient material management system, the wide slow moving conveyor system moves material consistently from the truck to the screed which ensures a flawless mat. Truly designed with the paving professional in mind, the 8520 is a welcomed robust design to the LeeBoy elite family of asphalt pavers.

Leeboy Tac Tank
(Manitoba and British Columbia Only)

Perfect for the all-inclusive commercial paving contractor, the Leeboy Tack Distributor provides a perfectly sized tank for small to large projects including parking lots, patching, driveways or soil stabilization. Daily task can be completed with ease by relying on the trouble-free Honda powered engine and the proven reliable user-friendly design. Uniquely configurable, the customizable options give the contractor the ability to create a solution specific to their exact needs.

Leeboy Grader
(Manitoba & British Columbia Only)

Designed with the functionality of a large motor grader, the more compact 685D can be used in many versatile and specialized applications including spreading base materials, ditch/shoulder projects, fine grading, medium cutting or even snow removal. The noticeable power provided by a Cummins engine merged with smooth transition and controlled drive, makes this motor grader an all-around must have on any job site. Whether you decide a cab or canopy suits your needs, you can rest assured your visibility will remain unobstructed.

Rosco Maximizer
(British Columbia and Manitoba only)

With a larger fully circulating extending spray bar, the Rosco Maximizer has the ability to cover a wide area in an extremely efficient manner. Admired by contractors and municipalities alike, this trusted machine always delivers an accurately consistent end result. With the aid of a large color monitor, operators can monitor vitals, oversee the variable width and rate control or engage the enviro-flush clean out system among others. The Maximizer 3B is a highly versatile piece of equipment designed with the end user in mind.

Leeboy Brooms
(Manitoba & British Columbia Only)


The RB50 provides best-in-class, aggressive sweeping in a rugged design. This self-propelled broom features well-thought-out control placement and heightened visibility that makes this machine extremely easy to operate for drivers of all experience levels. Perfect for general application sweeping to highway use, the RB50 incorporates the notable quick-change brush system which allows one person the ability to switch the brush core within minutes.

Leeboy Brooms
(Manitoba & British Columbia Only)

Challenger 7

The Challenger 7 front-mounted broom exhibits all of the high-end features you could expect from a self propelled broom. Serving as a pleasurable amenity, the quick-change core system allows the brush to be changed swiftly with no tools required. Ergonomic joystick controls provide simple-to-use travel and broom functions while also granting a 3 foot turning radius for the ultimate maneuverability. In addition to an extra-heavy duty frame, the Challenger 7 features a high-raise lift to ensure easy trailer loading and unloading.

Leeboy Brooms
(Manitoba & British Columbia Only)

Sweep Pro II

The broom for professionals, the SweepPro II offers many advantages linked to simple operation and superior sweeping action. The multifunctional joystick control lever combined with fingertip controls provide precision movement during operation. The standard configuration features wrap around windows that give the operator remarkable visibility while residing in the comfortable fully-enclosed cab. Requiring only one person, the quick-change core system permits the replacement of a bush in minutes limiting downtime.



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