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Built by craftsmen in Denmark, Egholm machines are in operation in cities and parks all over the world. With special attachments developed for the machines, Egholm machines deliver perfect results no matter the task at hand. Egholm machines are constructed with a profound respect for craftsmanship and with attention to detail and quality – both for the operator and for those who are going to enjoy the end result of the work done.

City Ranger 3070 utility machine

A compact utility machine for demanding tasks

The City Ranger 3070 is a high-end compact utility machine for all-day maintenance of large outdoor areas.

Multifunctional use, Quick-shift system for quick change of attachments, 1 m3 hopper capacity, high manoeuvrability and optimum operator comfort, modern joystick and an inch function are just some of the unique features of the utility machine City Ranger 3070.

The powerful 74 hp Stage V diesel engine is based on future-proof technology. The City Ranger 3070 therefore meets the strictest emission requirements for diesel engines, and with that the limits set by most cities for particle emissions.

A true innovation in sweeping


The suction sweeper on the City Ranger 3070 has adjustable suction width and strength, making it possible to take on a wide variety of tasks.

The spring-loaded sweeper brush arm will flex when hitting obstacles, reducing the risk of breakage.

The flexible articulated joint placed between the two axles gives the City Ranger 3070 an incredibly small inside turning circle of just 1650 mm. Short overhangs front and rear provide excellent manoeuvrability along walls and around corners, giving access to confined spaces and making it possible to operate very close to obstacles.

Furthermore, the basic machine weighs only 1800 kg, making ground pressure low enough for the machine to be used on sensitive surfaces like lawns and pavements.

For optimum manoeuvrability the foot brake is fitted with an inch function, allowing the operator to slow the machine without reducing engine rpm or oil flow on the working pumps. This is a valuable feature when mowing larger areas. During turns the operator can keep the vehicle in Cruise control mode and reduce speed without losing power and performance on the working hydraulics. Once the inching pedal is released, the vehicle returns to the set cruise control speed.

Caring for the operator

In developing the City Ranger 3070, Egholm has focused on ensuring optimal operator comfort. Features such as a multi-adjustable working position, low cabin noise – only 68 dB(A), a unique ventilation system with A/C as standard and a 360-degree view of the work area all contribute to making the City Ranger 3070 a great place to spend your working day.



Dedicated attachments developed specifically for the City Ranger 3070

All attachments are developed and manufactured based on the imperative requirement that the machine and attachments must work together as ONE single machine with zero performance loss when compared to single-use machines.

Many functional attachments

Attachments for City Ranger 3070: Suction sweeper, Rotary/mulch mower, Triplex rotary mower, Weed brush, Snow sweeper, Snow plough, Snow V-plough, Salt and sand spreader. 

Unique Quick-shift


Thanks to the unique Egholm Quick-shift system, attachment changes can be made in just one minute.

Whether it is as a road sweeper, for green or winter assignments, simply pick-up the front attachment with the machine, turn the handle and all mechanical, hydraulic, water and electrical systems are connected and ready to go !

Technical specifications Unit Basic machine
Length mm 3685
Width mm 1220
Height / with beacon mm 2000 / 2210
Weight basic machine 1) kg 1800
Payload kg 1200
Gross vehicle weight kg 3000
Turning circle – kerb to kerb mm 4120
Turning circle – inside mm 1650
Engine: Perkins diesel 404J-E22TA 2) hp / kW 74 / 55
4-wheel drive Standard

1) Includes: 75 kg operator and 90% fuel capacity
2) Temperature-dependant power regulation from 55 kW to 50 kW.

Please note: All specifications are preliminary and subject to change without prior notice.

For a full overview of specifications on the basic machine and attachments please visit 



Keeping outdoor areas clean and inviting all year round

The powerful petrol engine with 4-wheel drive allows you to take care of all sweeping, ground care and winter assignments in the city. A complete range of tailor-made quality attachments ensures perfect results.

What you get is maximum versatility and efficiency – by fast shift between attachments, articulated manoeuvrability, easy handling and operation with maximum operator comfort.


The City Ranger 2260 is versatile, but it is also specialised to suit your daily tasks. With the wide range of attachments available, you have a machine that performs every task perfectly without compromise in quality, speed or final result.

The sturdy A-frame on the vehicle invented and designed by Egholm allows the operator to change attachments without tools. All mechanical, hydraulic, water and electrical systems are connected by simply turning one handle – and the machine is ready to set off. No time wasted in the workshop – it couldn’t be easier!

Compact design and articulated steering ensure that the City Ranger 2260 can turn on a plate – almost. With an inside turning circle of just 1200 mm, the City Ranger 2260 can almost wrap itself around lamp posts and other obstructions in the city landscape.

Besides, easy handling is key both for efficiency and for the safety of the operator.



Maintaining your parks and other outdoor areas all year round

Egholm never compromise when it comes to future-proofing and the use of forward-looking technology. They are therefore also introducing Park Ranger 2150 with a Stage V engine to prepare it for the smaller and larger European cities of the future. The Stage V engine is standard on all Park Ranger 2150 machines.

With a wide range of attachments and flexibility the Park Ranger 2150 is the most obvious choice within the compact utility machine class.


With the Stage V update we have focused on achieving an update which improves both the performance of the machine and user experience.

The fact that the new 26 HP Perkins engine runs at approx. 600 fewer revolutions compared to the previous Stage lllB engine makes the Park Ranger 2150 with the new engine more energy efficient.

The reduced number of revolutions does not affect performance – on the contrary. It means less vibration and noise as well as an improved fuel economy. We have also optimised the machine with a new hydrostat.

All this to ensure that you get the most out of your engine and have the power and traction needed for your tasks all year round. Its compact dimensions and great manoeuvrability give you easy access to narrow areas and places in all types of ground care and winter assignments or as a mini road sweeper.

By using forward-looking technology, Egholm meets the most stringent emission requirements for diesel engines.

Build your Egholm machine

It’s as fast as it is easy: configure and request a demo, more technical information, rental information or a quote from a reseller.

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