Gradall Highway Speed Excavator

Wheeled Excavator for Municipal and Highway Roadwork

Highway speed Gradall excavator models travel quickly to one or more job sites and then back to the safety of the equipment yard at the end of the day. Without the need for a lowboy trailer to transport the unit, there is measurable savings in time, labor and expense. And once it’s on the job site, the excavator moves easy on both pavement and dirt. Without leaving the upperstructure cabin, the operator can use foot pedals to reposition the carrier around the jobsite or along the length of a ditch.

The Gradall highway speed excavator is the perfect excavator for highway speed, mobility and productivity. No tractor trailer required to transport the excavator!

Gradall Crossover Excavator

Wheeled Excavator for Municipal and Highway Roadwork

Complete more work with a single machine armed with the Gradall’s world-famous full-tilting, telescoping boom. Without the need for a lowboy trailer, the operator can drive Discovery series excavators to job sites at highway speeds. An innovative concept involving proven performers, Discovery series excavators are the result of a ground-breaking Gradall-Freightliner engineering collaboration.

The Gradall Crossover excavator is perfect for higher productivity with a lower equipment investment.

Gradall Rough Terrain Wheeled

Wheeled Excavator for Versatility

The Gradall rough terrain wheeled excavators are the perfect mixture of mobility and off-road capability, all at a reasonable price. On asphalt the XL3300V will travel up to 32 km/hr while still being able to work on the most difficult work sites. Within a municipality, this unit can travel from job site to job site without the use of a trailer, saving time and money.

The Gradall rough terrain wheeled excavator ensures excellent versatility and productivity on specialized applications. It is the perfect unit for working on a variety of challenging sites, while being able to drive between closely located jobs without the need for a tractor trailer.

Gradall Crawler Excavator

Crawler Excavator

No other crawler excavator can handle so many different jobs, even working in tunnels, under bridges and on the ground floors of multi-story buildings. Manoeuvering on rocky surfaces, in sand and on uneven terrain, the Gradall crawler excavator handles a wider variety of jobs with full-tilting, telescoping boom movements.

Gradall Steel Mill maintenance machines

Wheeled Excavator or Crawler Excavator for Steel Mill & Plant Maintenance Machine

On crawler or rubber tire undercarriages, the Gradall steel mill maintenance machines are designed for full versatility, efficiently performing steel mill maintenance work in hot and challenging conditions. Tough enough to handle the vigorous pounding and vibrations typically experienced in steel mills, these Gradall machines set the global standard for durability and productivity.

Choose Gradall excavators for their world-renowned durability and productivity!

Gradall Aluminium Mill Maintenance Machines

Wheeled Excavator or Crawler Excavator for Aluminum Mill & Plant Maintenance Machine

On crawler or rubber tire undercarriages, the Gradall aluminum mill maintenance machines have articulating booms with unique movements to reach through the furnace mouth to skim dross and maintain furnace walls and bottoms. Horizontally, the boom can raise 29 inches. Boom will tilt 8.1° above grade and 19° below grade.

Experience the unique Gradall boom movements for efficient alminum mill maintenance

Gradall Mine Scaler

Wheeled Excavator for Mine Scaling

Handle the rigors of mine scaling with a rugged triangular Gradall boom, including full-boom tilt, double rollers and a host of other high performance, high durability features.

The Gradall mine scaler is a powerful boom for efficient mine scaling at hard-to-reach angles.

Gradall Railway Maintenance Machines

Wheeled Excavator on Rail Kit for Railway Maintenance Application

Control trackside vegetation, build and repair railroad crossings, clean up landslides or replace rails and ties with the industry’s most versatile and mobile maintenance machines. Choose models that can be driven to crossings at 60 mph, or rough terrain rubber tire models that also will not damage paved surfaces.

The Gradall railway maintenance machine is all about versatility and mobility, on both rails and roads, and pays off for municipal transit systems and railways.

All Excavate

Hydro Excavator Truck and Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Vacall hydro excavators provide superior water pressure and vacuum forces, making them the industry leaders. The AllExcavate hydro excavator truck machines has just one engine, reducing fuel consumption, emissions, noise and maintenance.

Choose the AllExcavate to efficiently excavate around water lines, sewer lines and other underground utilities. Or select the AllExcavate oil & gas to safely expose underground infrastructure, clean frac tanks and vessels and perform many maintenance tasks in the oil and gas exploration industry. An optional cold-weather package includes heated cabinetry that encloses the boiler, warming the water for hydro excavation when temperatures drop below freezing.

Opt for the Vacall hydraulic excavator for all your hydraulic excavation needs!

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