Sidewalk tractors

Maclean MV5

Articulated Tractor for Sidewalk and Municipal Maintenance

The articulated sidewalk tractor Maclean MV5 is the result of over 15 years of collaboration with cities and contractors to design a municipal maintenance vehicle with enough power to effectively work in all seasons. End users made it very clear that they wanted a highly durable tractor that was versatile, safe, comfortable and easy to operate, as well as easy to maintain and troubleshoot. Maclean has over delivered on these requirements.
Designed to work on trails and sidewalks, the articulated sidewalk tractor MV5 is the 5th generation municipal tractor from Maclean Engineering. Detailed information is included in the video and on the brochure:

The Maclean MV5 is proudly made in Canada with our climate in mind. The MV5 sets the standard for articulated municipal tractors

Maclean Attachments

5MV-Hydraulic sweepers 5MV-Pickup sweeper
5MV-5/8 Yard drop spreader 5MV-Cold planer
5MV-Ribbon blower 5MV-Snow blower
5MV-Anti-ice system 5MV-Oscillating folding V plows
5MV-Fixed V plow 5MV-Finish mower
5MV-Flail mower 5MV-Boom flail mower

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