Sanitizing Equipment

Cubex Equipment is a distributor of high quality equipment across Canada. The COVID-19 events have highlighted the importance of sanitizing public areas. The purpose of this page is to outline how the equipment we supply in Canada can be utilized to sanitize public spaces effectively 

Ravo Sweeper

The Ravo Vacuum Sweeper is one of the most versatile sweeping units on the market. It is unique in that it has large water capacity and is capable of holding a large volume of debris, while being maneuverable enough to navigate busy downtown areas easily.  

When equipped with the Swasher Option, the Ravo unit becomes an extremely capable sanitizing unit. The Swasher consists of a high pressure spray bar in front of the unit and one or two spray guns mounted on top of the hopper. These can be used to spray, clean and disinfect the streets and street furniture.  

Ravo is now offering their sweeper in 100% electric configuration! Contact your local Cubex Equipment dealer to get more information about how this machine could help your city with sanitation! 

Mathieu AquaDyne

The Mathieu MC210 AquaDyne is a perfect machine for flushing or disinfecting public spaces that are hard to reach. Many of our most highly trafficked areas are narrow and difficult to get in to, which is why the AquaDyne is such an effective tool. With 1900L of water capacity and a front spray bar featuring adjustable spray widths, this machine can cover a lot of area in a short period of time. 

The pictures on this page showcase an AquaDyne unit being used to spray disinfectant outside a hospital in Spain. 

Mathieu Aquazura

The Mathieu AquaZura is a scrubber that has been designed to perform a deep clean on public surfaces. 5 abrasive disc brushes scrub a water/detergent/sanitizer mixture on the ground, removing any type of dirt, sugars, & grease embedded in the floor. These surfaces are breeding grounds for bacteria that need to be thoroughly cleaned on a frequent basis.  

The AquaZura also has a vacuum squeegee system that sucks up the dirty slurry created by the detergent mixture and brushes. What is left is a clean, dry surface that the public can immediately use safely.  


Foamstream was designed as a herbicide free way of killing unwanted vegetation that uses heat from hot water. The proprietary foam mixture that is applied with the hot water acts as a heat blanket, trapping the heat on the vegetation long enough to kill it. This system is extremely efficient and allows an operator to apply the foam to a large area in a short period of time.

Bacteria are killed by heat the same way that weeds are. Foamstream is approved for use as an organic biocide by the EPA and the EU, and can be used for a range of sanitation tasks. Foamstream has been certified to kill a variety of viruses:

  • COVID-19 (EN 16777:2018)
  • Hepatitis C (PREN 16777:2014)

The benefits of using Foamstream for sanitation tasks are:

  • Efficient application times / kills bacteria quickly
  • No harmful chemicals, disinfectants or bleach is required
  • Can be applied with dirt or grime on surfaces while still being effective

Cubex Equipment is the dealer for Foamstream in Western Canada (BC, AB, SK, MB). Please contact your local Cubex Equipment dealership for further details

TSM Sanispray

The SaniSpray system is TSM’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is a compact, self-propelled tank and spray system that has been designed to assist in applying disinfectant in hard-to-reach public spaces. The optional “Follow-Me” system can be set so that the trolley will follow the operator as he/she is spraying sanitizer in necessary areas. 

This unit is 100% electric with 4 hours of operation capabilities on a single charge. SaniSpray can be charged on a regular 110V wall outlet, as well as at 220V. The unit holds 120L of sanitizer, which gives you approximately 3 hours of spray capability. Optional garbage and recycling bins can be added to the unit so that the operator can use the hand broom or picker features to pick up debris.  

Please contact your local Cubex Equipment dealership for further unit details.  

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