Asphalt hot box trailer

Asphalt & Pothole Repair Equipment

Novilco builds simple & easy to maintain asphalt hot box units for small to medium sized asphalt repair. The asphalt hot box trailer mounted systems come in 2T, 4T, or 6T hopper capacities that have an optional hydraulic dump to assist in material placement. Diesel fired heaters maintain precise asphalt temperature through either an air jacket or oil jacket system. Optional items such as plate tamper lift, tack spray system, solvent spray system, overnight electrical heat, and tool rinse box make these units versatile and fully customizable.

The Novilco asphalt hot box trailer: the number one equipment for asphalt pothole repair!

Truckmounted hot boxes

Asphalt & Pothole Repair Equipment

The Novilco asphalt hot boxes are custom built to your truck’s dimensions and payload capacity. Diesel fired heaters maintain precise asphalt temperature through either an air jacket or oil jacket system. These units can be set up as fix-mount or slide-in style, and have a variety of options such as dump cylinder, shovelling platform, solvent spray cleaning system, tack spray system, overnight electrical heat, and a variety of tool boxes and holders are all available.

Trust Novilco, a safe choice, for all your equipment to repair asphalt & potholes!

Fusion hot air blowing system

Asphalt Heating Equipment

A Honda Gasoline power unit provides continuous heat of 125 degree Celsius @ 900CFM max through a manually controlled nozzle. The Fusion system is fully portable; at 73” L x 42” W it is small enough to fit in the back of most pickup trucks, and is a perfect fit in the Tropos Able unit.

The Fusion hot air blowing system was designed to heat asphalt for pothole repair year-round. It is a VERY effective tool that should be used to prepare for cold mix pothole repairs during winter. The consistent warm temperature provided by the Fusion hot air blowing system efficiently evaporates any moisture and heats the asphalt without causing any damage. This is an improvement to using a torch which can damage surrounding asphalt and reduce a pothole’s effectiveness. Municipalities can effectively cold-mix patch all winter with this unit. Other applications include:

  • Melting of snow and ice on sidewalks, in front of businesses or public buildings without the use of salt/sand, improving safety for the public
  • Melting ice in frozen catch basins
  • Thawing water valves
  • Line painting preparation
  • Temporary shelter heating – the heated air is not mixed with the exhaust

Several applications

5 Pot hole repair5 Asphalt painting
5 Winter utility maintenance5 Snow/ice removal
5 Rail maintenance5 Heating of temporary shelters and construction areas
5 Possibilities are endless!

Road Widener

Attachment for alphalt repair

Road Widener makes a simple shouldering and side paving attachment that can connect to skid steers or any other machine. The heat treated belt design allows the unit to lay down any and all aggregate materials including hot mix asphalt. Road Widener is a highly cost efficient and productive attachment that is ideal for shouldering, asphalt patching, trench backfilling, road widening and curb backfilling. This tool is essential for highway contractors, utility contractors, landscapers and municipalities seeking greater operating efficiency in aggregate dispersal.

Road Widener also offers their Offset Vibratory Roller, an attachment that can connect to skid steers or other machines. This attachment allows the operator to stay on the road while roller and compacting shoulders and ditches. It is the safest and most efficient rolling solution on the market.

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