RASCO Spectra

Crane mower SPECTRA is a rear tractor mower designed for reliable and fast mowing. The main feature of the mower is good working tool visibility, due to special kinematics of crane arms which brings the working tool in the user’s visual field. This enables fast mowing, along with a high overview of the terrain.

SPECTRA is a mower that was fully designed with the user’s needs in mind. Mower control enables fast manipulation of crane arms and maximum control. Simple mounting and demounting of the mower frees the tractor for other purposes.


The crane mower PRKV is intended for the maintenance of demanding terrains that are harder to access with the use of working machines. It is an ideal choice for maintaining vegetation by the side of roads due to crane arms made from high-quality steel resistant to mechanical strains and the reach of 6 metres.

The PRKV mower can easily and simply pass over obstacles characteristic for uneven terrains with a poor overview. Safety hydraulic elements prevent breaks and damage to the mower in cases when the working tool encounters obstacles.


BRK is a robust and strong side-mounted crane mower designed for demanding mowing work. Due to the high quality steel from which the mower crane arms are made and the reach of 7 metres, it is extremely efficient in maintaining the banks of watercourses and ditches, as well as for the vegetation by the side of open roads.

Safe mowing with the BRK mower at higher speeds is aided by safety hydraulic elements that prevent breaks and damage to the mower when the working tool encounters obstacles, as well as by systems for relief and mower operating head floating position.


Side-mounted crane mower BRKT is especially designed for a larger reach in areas that are more difficult to reach. The reach of 8 metres is enabled by an additional telescopic crane arm made from high quality steel resistant to mechanical strain, which guarantees complete reliability during operation.

Safe mowing with the BRKT mower at bigger distances between the working tool and vehicle is aided by safety hydraulic elements that prevent breaks and damage to the mower when the working tool encounters obstacles, as well as by the relief system and floating position system for operating mowing heads. An advanced control system ensures a fast and efficient control over the mower.

RASCO Maxima

The telescopic side-mounted crane mower MAXIMA with the reach of up to 10 metres is intended to be installed on strong and heavy tractors. It is especially designed for cleaning the deepest watercourses and the highest banks. The wide reach is accomplished by using the telescopic system of mower crane arms made from high quality steel that guarantees exceptional durability and reliability in all working conditions.

The special design of the MAXIMA mower enables simple mowing of inaccessible places in a fast and efficient manner, while many safety elements guarantee complete safety for the user in all working conditions.

RASCO Flexima

The rear tractor crane mower FLEXIMA is intended for performing various tasks of summer maintenance of vegetation. Crane arms are made from high quality steel resistant to mechanical strains and vibrations. Reach of 5 metres enables easy and simple mower control.

Due to its flexibility, FLEXIMA is the ideal choice for populated urban areas. The long articulated mower arm enables the movement of the operating head backwards when encountering an obstacle, which protects the device from damage and ensures comfort for the user.


Crane mower NEVA is a simple but efficient rear tractor mower. It is designed for efficient mowing on demanding terrains by the side of roads or ditch network, and the fast replacement of different working tools also enables the use of the mower for other kinds of road maintenance.

Numerous mechanisms enable efficient and safe operation of the NEVA mower. The hydraulic cylinder protects the crane arm from overload when an obstacle is encountered. Crane arm relief system enables vertical monitoring of the terrain, while the floating system adjusts the position of the operating head to the surface level. The mower’s control system guarantees efficient mowing on all terrains.

RASCO Attachments Tornado

TORNADO mowing heads are the ideal choice for the maintenance of smaller vegetation. They are constructed with the option of choosing between two types of blades for cutting vegetation of different thickness, and they raise the grass before cutting, which increases mowing efficiency. Option of blades spiral distribution allows cutting grass with variable direction of rotation and energy saving.
Specially designed back head aperture enables a quicker discharge of mowed material, and accordingly a higher mowing speed. Mowing in populated areas requires a high degree of safety during use and minimising an uncontrolled discharge of mowed material. That is why the front head side is equipped with protection rubber and chains, and a protective rubber curtain is placed on the rear end.

RASCO Attachments Hydra

HYDRA is a combined operating head for mowing and fragmenting vegetation thick up to 50 mm. The mowing head housing is made from a special steel resistant to impacts during mowing, which significantly extends the lifespan of the device.

Efficient operation of the HYDRA mowing head is enabled by the design of its key parts. The spiral distribution of blades reduces energy losses, and an increased aperture on the rear end of the head enables high outflow of material, and accordingly, a higher mowing speed.

Adjustable front and rear apertures regulate the outflow of mowed material, and the in-built rubber and chain protectors offer protection from an uncontrolled discharge of the mowed material. When working on damp terrains, the HYDRA operating head may be equipped with a supporting roller cleaner that prevents accumulation of material.

Progressive Turf Slope Pro

Developed for demanding mowing conditions, the SLOPE-PRO® is a game changing step forward in operator safety and productivity. It features an ultra-low center of gravity for good stability and maneuverability while allowing the mower to cut on side slopes as steep as 50°. As a specialty application mower, the SLOPE-PRO® opens up new business opportunities and markets for grounds maintenance companies and landscaper contractors. It is designed, manufactured and distributed world-wide by Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.



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