The Solid Family of spreaders provides a wide range of durable spreaders capable of dry-material, pre-wet, and straight liquid material spreading. Your choice of material feed mechanisms (Chain, Single or Dual Auger, & Belt) allows you to choose the most effective system based on your material quality.

Rasco Solid spreaders are all based on speed dependent spreading, meaning an operator can set the amount of material the spreader applies per square meter from inside the cab. The spreader will make the necessary adjustments based on the ground speed of the vehicle. Spreading pattern can be adjusted on the fly from inside the cab, or based on GPS location. All of these features result in the correct amount of material being applied to the road based on winter conditions, reducing environmental impact and material usage.

The Rasco Solid spreaders are built with durability in mind. All the key parts of the spreaders which are under constant salt load (hopper chute and spinner) are made of stainless steel. Parts which are under less salt load, such as storage legs or protective mesh screens, are hot dip galvanized. Hydraulic components are painted, as well as protected by an anti-corrosion wax. A multi-step surface protection process protects the spreader according to EN ISO 12944-2 Level C5M.

  •  Hopper Capacity: 3.5 – 12.0 Cubic Meters
  •  Dry or Pre-Wet Material Spreading: 2m – 12m wide
  •  Liquid Distribution: 4m – 12m wide
  •  Pre-Wet system is capable of spreading material in a variety of Liquid:Solid mixing ratios
  •  Multiple vehicle mounting methods available: Slide-In, Chassis Mount, Hook-Lift, etc.


The Rasco Liquid line of spreaders is for anti-icing application using liquid material only. The Liquid units are set up to spread a variety of anti-icing solutions such as Salt Brine, Calcium or Magnesium Chloride, Urea, etc. These liquids are designed as a preventative measure to lower the freezing point of water resulting in a reduction of ice formation and bonding to the roadway. This greatly reduces the cost of snow removal and increases driver safety. The spreading pattern is controlled on the fly from inside the cab, and the operator can set the quantity of liquid applied per square meter of roadway; the machine will automatically adjust spraying output based on the vehicle speed.

Liquid Large spreaders has liquid material capacity starting at 6,000L (3x 2,000L polyethylene tanks), and can be increased at 2,000L increments based on your requirements and chassis limitations. The spreader is capable of being filled at rates up to 60,000 L/hr, meaning quick turn-around times during winter events.

Liquid S spreaders are designed for the preventative treatment of narrow pathways and sidewalks. With a liquid capacity of 1,500 – 2,,500L and spreading widths between 2m – 6m these units are perfectly suited to be used with multi-purpose, light-duty, or pickup truck vehicles.

Liquid M spreaders are designed to be used with smaller trucks or multi-purpose vehicles such as Unimog. With a liquid capacity of 3,000 – 5,000L and spreading widths between 2m – 6m, this spreader is a perfect tool for anti-icing local roads or pedestrian and cycling paths.

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Rasco TRP

TRP is a hydraulically powered disc-spreader that is 3-pt hitch mounted to the rear of a tractor. Counterflow augers move material in the hopper toward a spinner disc that is capable of spreading between 1m – 6m or 2m – 9m wide. Optional 500L liquid tank and pump allows for pre-wetting. Different sizes of spreader are available that have material capacity from 0.4 – 1.5 cubic meters. Spreading pattern is controlled from inside the tractor’s cabin, where the operator can make pattern adjustments on the fly. Speed dependent spreading ensures that an even and appropriate amount of material is applied to the ground based on winter conditions.

A self-loading feature allows an operator to back-up to a material pile and fill the hopper in seconds without the need for a loader or skid steer. All the features of the TRP are based on efficiency and durability.

Rasco TSP

TSP is a hydraulically powered drop spreader that is 3-pt hitch mounted to the rear of a tractor. There are 2 sizes of TSP available:

  • Hopper Volume of 0.4 square meters and fixed spreading width of 1,240mm
  • Hopper Volume of 1.0 square meter and fixed spreading width of 2,000mm

The spreading material is distributed using a feed roller and control of the functions is either done manually at the spreader, or using an in-cab controller. A self-loading feature allows an operator to back-up to a material pile and fill the hopper in seconds without the need for a loader or skid steer. All the features of the TRP are based on efficiency and durability.

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Rasco MINI

The towed Mini spreader is intended for spreading on narrow roads, pedestrian areas, trails and parks. It is easily mounted on small vehicles or tractors equipped with a towing hitch. Spreading is powered by the movement of the spreader’s wheels, this feature also ensures that the amount of material applied is based on the vehicle’s ground speed. A manual adjustment to the dosing quantity can be made at the spreader. The Rasco Mini comes in one size:

  •  1,000mm Fixed Spreading Width
  •  0.5 Cubic Meter Hopper Capacity


Due to its compact dimensions, JUNIOR can be mounted on smaller freight vehicles, which makes it a good choice for winter road maintenance in urban areas. In addition to urban areas, JUNIOR is also a good choice for emergency spreading of the most sensitive parts of high priority roads.

When the JUNIOR spreader is mounted on light road patrol vehicles, it becomes an indispensable tool for removing ice and frost from bridges and overpasses on roads of high importance.

  •  Auger system for material conveyor
  •  1m – 6m spreading widths
  •  Manual Adjustment for Spreading Pattern

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Rasco RAS

RAS is a simple towed spreader meant to be used behind trucks. Spreading function is powered by the movement of the spreader’s wheels, this feature also ensures that the amount of material applied is based on the vehicle’s ground speed. The RAS can be loaded directly from the truck’s dump box, meaning the spreading range is only limited by the dump box capacity. A manual adjustment at the spreader allows for variable material dosing quantities. 3 sizes of RAS are available from Rasco:

– Spreading Width: 1,000mm
– Hopper Capacity: 0.8 cubic meter
– Total Unit Width: 1,260mm

– Spreading Width: 2,200mm
– Hopper Capacity: 1.0 cubic meter
– Total Unit Width: 2,500mm

– Spreading Width: 2,500mm
– Hopper Capacity: 1.2 cubic meters
– Total Unit Width: 2,800mm

Rasco Plows

Rasco builds a wide variety of snow plows that are designed to be mounted on vehicles from trucks to tractors. What differentiates Rasco from many other plows in the North American Market is that they offer both Single-Segment Plows and Multi-Segment Plows.

  • Single-Segment Plows have a moldboard that is one solid piece spanning its entire width.
  • Multi-Segmented Plows have a moldboard that consists of multiple independent segments. These segments are suspended off a rear beam by either polyurethane connections or a system of levers and springs. The independent sections & blades allow for better adjustment to the road surface, making these plows a superior choice when plowing uneven roads full of obstructions. When an obstacle is encountered, only 1 of the segments jumps while the others stay on the road surface and continue to clean. This leads to cleaner roads with less material left behind, as well as greatly reducing the impact on the plow (and therefore wear & tear) that is felt by the operator. The multi-segment system leads to extended durability of the snow plow as well as increased safety for the operator.

The quick hitch system found on both the Single-Segment & Multi-Segment plows is designed so that 1 person can connect / disconnect a plow in under 5 minutes. All the hoist equipment is connected to the plow, so maintenance can be performed on the lift system without requiring a truck to be in the shop. This also leaves a Flat Faced Connection Plate on the front of the vehicle, which is a clean low profile item.

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Henke Plows

With over 100 years of experience making snow plows, Henke has developed a standardized plow line that gives you the flexibility to build the plow you need. By combining different options for height, width, profile, pushframe, trip, hitch, and running gear, you can easily create a highly customized “standard” plow.

Henke’s moldboards with chain style level lift (or optional sliding level lift) keeps the plow level while our integral snow shield prevents snow from blowing over the top of the moldboard. > Henke’s Grade 50 Steel is 39% stronger than A-36 Steel.

Henke’s Road Safe pushframe provides maximum strength and prevents bottom angle bending. Cylinders are located above the pushframe for protection against road debris and ease of maintenance.

Maclean MV4.1

The MacLean MV4.1 is the result of more than 10 years of collaboration with cities and contractors to design a municipal maintenance vehicle offering state-of-the-art performance for all seasons and for all operational parameters – ergonomics, environmental emissions, versatility and sustainability. Maclean tractors are easy to maintain and designed to last.

The MV4.1 is a compact high-end compact articulated tool tractor designed for the demanding municipal market. It uses both a PTO system and a high-speed hydraulic system to feed various equipment such as: sidewalk blade, snow blower, abrasive spreader, trimmer, mower, broom brush and more.

With the choice of a 74Hp or 115Hp engine, the MacLean is built to meet your needs. This multitude of options makes it possible to design a tractor that is perfectly suited to the task you need to accomplish and according to your budget. Offered with one or two high-speed hydraulic pumps, the differential dam or a two or three-speed shift-on-fly transmission is only part of the possibilities offered by the MacLean MV4.1.

Proudly made in Canada by a company that has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing mining equipment, Maclean tractors are the reference when it comes to selecting the right municipal vehicle

Novilco FUSION

Fusion hot air blowing system

​​The FUSION is an affordable all-in-one system that will allow you to perform permanent asphalt repairs, year-round. It cleans, dries, and warms the area.

High volume air blower

Fuel-powered, automatic temperature control heating system
Novilco’s exclusive high-efficiency heat exchange system
900CFM @ 125°C
Portable format

Several applications

5 Pot hole repair 5 Asphalt painting
5 Winter utility maintenance 5 Snow/ice removal
5 Rail maintenance 5 Heating of temporary shelters and construction areas
5 The possibilities are endless!

Novilco – Fusion Hot Air Blowing System

No other system does all three things. If you heat with a torch, you’re probably burning the surface, and you’re not cleaning. If you’re blowing with a compressor, you’re not drying nor heating the surface.

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