Aries Pathfinder Inspection System

The Pathfinder series of sewer inspection tractors are powerful, agile, and built to withstand harsh pipe conditions. Used with Aries WiperCam Pan & Tilt camera, Pathfinder tractors are ideal for accurately inspecting mainlines 6″ or larger. Select the Pathfinder XL (TR 3400) for inspecting pipes 8″ or larger. Adaptable to a variety of pipes and tough enough for the rigors of sewer inspection, the Pathfinder Series measures up to your pipeline inspection challenges.

Aries Mobile Pathfinder Inspection System

The Aries Mobile Pathfinder System is a lightweight, portable system for inspecting mainlines 6″ or larger. It combines a powerful transporter, innovative camera, and lightweight reel, operated by our all-in-one remote control. The Mobile Pathfinder System includes a steerable, self-propelled tractor from our Pathfinder Series. Our range of models, Large Line Kits and wheel sizes ensure you get the right tractor for any combination of distance, condition, and pipe size.

Aries Mobile Sentinel Inspection System

The compact and light-weight Sentinel accurately assesses mainline pipes from 8″ to 36.” The system combines a lightweight reel, a powerful tractor and innovative Pan & Tilt camera. A controller provides convenient all-in-one operation.

Aries Badger Inspection System

The Aries Badger wheeled transporter enhances sewer inspection operations with its rugged stainless steel construction, powerful transmission, DC continuous duty rated motor system, and cable-free tip-up connector. The six-wheel drive design enables it to negotiate obstacles in 8” and larger pipes.

Aries Wolverine Cutter 2,0

Cut through challenging material rapidly and accurately with our self-propelled, electric cutter, Wolverine 2.0. Its advanced controls and cutting power allow you to complete lateral re-instatements or pre-lining prep work in 6″-18″ diameter pipes.

The Wolverine 2.0 Cutting System is a vehicle-mounted system designed and built at Aries US-based plant with stainless steel and brass construction and integrated electrical cabling.

Aries Grout System

Aries vehicle-mounted grouting system provides a complete solution for addressing ground water infiltration into sewer mains and laterals.

We can customize a new high-cube truck or retro-fit an existing vehicle with equipment to pump chemicals, under pressure to the packer in the pipeline. The truck also includes a complete TV inspection system to monitor the grouting process.


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